Absurd coffee cup

Hot coffee when it's snowing, iced coffee when it's sunny. This is not a rule, just a suggestion. Srna, 20, letting the world take me wherever it may. Majoring in "how the world works" and "hollywood" - or something along those lines. Forever in love with London and Vienna. 100% Macedonian. Yet, I live in the states. Take me stargazing, cuddle me, and I'm yours.

To wear this shirt or to not wear this shirt (and wear something else obvs)?

Last morning at Thunderbird Coffee. Thankful for over a year of new friends and unlimited espresso. This place has truly defined my time in Austin. Keep doing your thing, ThunderBabes. Last weekend in Texas starts now!
Sometimes I make really bad doodles just so I can get my mind off of things
Day 2- My beautiful cousin and her husband. I can only hope that one day I’ll be in a relationship as loving as this one.